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Registration Requirements

Registration Requirements

 Registration Requirements:
 1. Birth certificate and original vaccination record along with a  copy of it.

 2. Original civil ID of the student and his parents, and two  copies of each.

 3. Original nationality certificate of the father, and two copies of it (for Kuwaitis).

 4. For  Non-Kuwaiti  students:  passport  that  includes  the student, copy of  the .page that includes the  student’s  name, and  copy of the residency page. 

 5. Eight passport size photographs of the student.

 6. The two most recent report cards (when  applying  for admission to Al-Awael).and a copy of each.

 7.   The  student’s  health  file  from  the  previous  school  or  a  new  health file for  the new  student .from  The  School  Health   Center  that  is  related  to the  student’s  residency  area,  after receiving .the certification of admission.at  Al-Awael  Bilingual School.

 8.   Transfer certificate   from   the    previous   school,  after   receiving the certification of admission at.Al-Awael Bilingual School.  

Parents must get documents (7 – 8) before the beginning of the school year in which the student’s admission is approved in order to complete the registration procedure and enlist the student into the class list; otherwise, he won’t be officially registered.