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 Al Awa’el





 This handbook will familiarize you with general information on the philosophy, policies, and instruction programs at our school. It will also serve as an ongoing frame of reference that governs our mutual relationship in the attempt to provide a well-rounded education for your child(ren), future leaders of this community. As parents you are strongly encouraged to share the information in this handbook with your child(ren).


Our Education Board and Staff members are dedicated in providing opportunities for your child(ren), which will help to bring out the best in his/her abilities. We want to help provide growth opportunities for their present and for their future. We eagerly welcome you as parents to be active participants in your child’s educational process. We, as educators, recognize that the community is an important element that contributes to the success of your children’s education. We are confident that you will contribute by acting as our ambassadors of good will; and reach out into the community for support of the school.






1. To develop the students socially, physically, and psychologically via varied curricula, skills and activities which commensurate with the culture, and identity.

 2. To deliver the highest levels of education in Arabic and Religion, English, Science, Math and other subjects to prepare students for local and international universities.

 3. To develop personal and social skills; be able to obtain information, solve problems, think critically, and communicate effectively. Encourage students to respect others and themselves by building positive values, confidence, and cooperation.

 4. Ensure students enjoy learning throughout their lives and apply this learning to real life scenarios.

 5. To foster a generation of students who are proud of their identity, adherent to values and morals, and are responsible citizens.

  6. To embrace and utilize cutting-edge Information Technology, ensuring students have the tools to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

  7. To ensure that parents, students, school, and the community are joined in a partnership of mutual respect.


School General Characteristics and Overview

 Al Awa’el School is an Islamic Bilingual school, which offers a recognized American educational experience and an accredited Arabic program in line with Kuwait’s Ministry of Education. The school was established in 2017 as a private school to meet the needs of Kuwaiti and expatriate families in Kuwait. The school provides an international American curriculum, combined with progressive Arabic, Islamic Studies, Life Skills and values programs.

 The school campus consists of 3 different floors to accommodate Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School levels, equipped with safety precautions and educational facilities required for the respective schools. Facilities include libraries, information and communication technology (ICT) labs, interactive boards, cafeterias, fully equipped science labs, food and nutrition lab, indoor playing areas, art rooms, life skills rooms, clinics, air conditioned classes, halls and corridors. Common facilities shared by all levels include a Physical Education (PE) hall, outdoor areas, and a state of the art theatre/auditorium to hold lectures, meetings, and events.  Provision of these resources will have a great impact on students learning, interest and feeling of belongingness to school community.


Teacher to student ratio

 Al Awa’el School strives to provide the right number and quality of teachers and assistants for students to meet students’ needs and provide a supportive educational school, taking into consideration the international standards.


Parent Information

 The parental community of Al Awa’el School is distinguished for parents ‘interest in raising up their children in an Islamic environment which promotes values and Kuwaiti culture, high level of Arabic and English language abilities as well as high academic level that enables students to be competent with their peers worldwide and to be positive responsible citizens who contribute to the prosperity of their society. Most of Al Awa’el community parents are educated with high levels of awareness and willingness to participate in the school community. They are welcomed to participate in school activities, volunteer work, meetings and events. As well as providing their opinions in various matters at the school’s board of trustees meetings and via surveys. In such, parents will be able to support their children academically, reach their high academic expectations and ambitions for their children’s ‘academic future.


 Admission Criterion:

 Students seeking admission to the school must satisfactorily meet all residencies, academic, age, immunization, discipline, and other pre-requisites as established by the Private Education policies.


Preschool To be admitted to the Preschool, a child must be 3 years old.  A copy of the birth certificate must be provided as proof. Child must be toilet trained and able to use the restroom unassisted. Child must be immunized. A copy of Immunization record must be provided as proof.


 Kindergarten To be admitted to the Kindergarten, a child must be 5 years old. A copy of the birth certificate is required. A copy of an up-to-date immunization record must be provided. All students applying for Kindergarten will undergo placement tests in the 1st week of the school year.


First Grade To be admitted to the first grade, a student must be 6 years old. A copy of the birth certificate is required. Students must provide a recommendation letter from their previous school. A copy of an up-to-date immunization record must be provided.



Transferring Students


All transferring students must request their previously attended school(s) to transfer their records, including discipline records. Al Awael reserves the right to re-test the child and accordingly may ask him/her to repeat the same grade. If the child was dismissed from previous school for bad behavior he/she may not be accepted in our school. Parents are required to attend an orientation at the beginning of each school year to establish understanding and cooperation between the school and home.


 Registration requirements


•      Registration Form 

•      Registration Fee*

•       Enrollment Form Annual fees for books, computer, school events **

•       Birth Certificate

•       Proof of Residency

•      Current Immunization Records 

•      Proof of Legal Custody (if applicable)

•      Completed Registration form 

•      Student Emergency Form

•       Health/Medical History Form

•       Authorization for Emergency Medical care

•       Field trip and Photo day permissions

•       After-School Child Care Enrollment Form (optional)

 Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Membership Form. One form per family is required.