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Our Curriculum

About the curriculum


In today’s rapidly- changing technological environment, we need an education that enables students to respond to those changes and meet the challenges of life in the 21st century, while at the same time maintaining a strong connection to and pride in their identity and culture.


Al-Awa’el provides the above in three ways:


First, Our strong bilingual system which insures fluency in Arabic & English:

        Arabic, social studies, and Islamic education in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait, using the most effective and modern teaching approaches.

        English and mathematics in accordance with Common Core Standards, and science  in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards,  utilizing the newest and most effective pedagogical methods.


The following series are used in Middle School level :

English : MyPerspectives / Math : Math in Focus / Science: science Fusion.


The following series are used   in Elementary level ):

 English: Journeys  /  Math: Math in Focus / Science: science Fusion.


The following series are used in Kindergarten level ):

KG2 :

English: Journeys  /  Math: Math in Focus.



Frog Street


Second, Al-Awa’el’s classes are student-centered and take into consideration diverse learning styles, as per the Multiple Intelligence Theory. The school emphasizes self-directed and project-based learning (SDL & PBL). Cooperative learning structures are used in every period.


Third, our supportive educational curricula that include:

        Rawad Al-Quran curriculum that assures our students live the meanings of the holy Quran, improve their articulation and recitation, and follow a plan for memorization according to their individual level.

         A special value education program that teaches ethics and morals through activities and games (independent periods and integrated within subjects).

        Home economics classes that train students ( girls & boys) to be more successful in their everyday life, in their homes and in society.

        Different programs that teach 21st century skills, therefore preparing our students to be effective citizens in modern society.