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LeadAr Accreditation

LeadAr Accreditation

Leadar accreditation candidacy
LeadAr, a rigorous school accreditation program, is based on the belief that the Kindergarten to Grade 12 system should strive to instill the following qualities and abilities in students: 
Accreditation Cycle

Engaged Thinker: A student who thinks critically and makes discoveries; who uses technology to learn, innovate, communicate and discover; who works with multiple perspectives and disciplines to identify problems and find the best solutions; who communicates these ideas to others; and who, as a life-long learner, adapts to change with an attitude of optimism and hope for the future.

Ethical Citizen: A student who builds relationships based on humility, fairness and open-mindedness; who demonstrates respect, empathy and compassion; and who, through teamwork, collaboration and communication, contributes fully to the community and the world.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: A student who creates opportunities and achieves goals through hard work, perseverance and discipline; who strives for excellence and earns success; who explores ideas and challenges the status quo; who is competitive, adaptable and resilient; and who has the confidence to take risks and make bold decisions in the face of adversity.