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Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum


Kindergarten Curriculum


At Al-Awael we believe that all learning domains have to be covered from early childhood, and during the first year in kindergarten. However, developing the children’s social and emotional skills is a priority.

Learning through play and fun activities is the best method for all ages and is a must for KG children.


Qur’an Curriculum


The Qur’an Department at Al-Awael seeks to provide students with an excellent learning opportunity to both recite and learn the Qur’an via fun and interactive means.

The following are the objectives of the Qur’an curriculum:

  • To instill love and loyalty towards the Qur’an in students’ hearts.
  • To reinforce values and morals derived from the Holy Book.
  • To convey that learning the Qur’an can be fun and engaging.
  • To learn Hizb 60 in full before students graduate to Elementary.


Arabic Language Curriculum


Students in KG 1 will be introduced to letter sounds and will be able to differentiate between short and long sounds. Students will also be able to identify letter shapes; all this by means of, interactive, sensory/tactile, and age-appropriate activities.


KG1 Curriculum


For KG1 we chose an American curriculum called Frog Street, which helps the teacher make learning an enjoyable experience.

It has 9 themes and covers a variety of topics that are both important and interesting to the young minds. Through these topics, children explore the domains of math, language and literacy, science, social, physical, and creative development. The curriculum provides all the tools required, be it Big Books/Stories/vocabulary cards/CDs and Manipulatives, etc.

In KG1 we realize that children are at the age of exploration, and we make it a point to offer them continuous opportunities.


Arabic Language Curriculum


Students in KG2 will interact with their language by means of letters, words, and simple short stories. At the end of Kg 2, students will be able to:

  • Differentiate between letters (in terms of their shapes and positions within words)
  • Vowelize letters
  • Differentiate between long vowel sounds
  • Read three-letter words
  • Write some letters
  • Write their name in Arabic

In addition to the aforementioned linguistic skills, students will be introduced to numbers, shapes, and colors in Arabic. Students will also gain valuable life skills by means of their Values curriculum and the Prophet’s (PBUH) hadiths.

Teachers use Kagan strategies (in KG2) to foster a fun and play-oriented environment in which cooperative learning is applied and utilized daily. This way, students have numerous opportunities for self-development and growth and become engaged active learners.


English Language Art


We teach English Language Arts using the American common core standards. We realize that in KG2 we are actually preparing them for elementary.

The curriculum we have chosen, which is Journeys, starts in KG2 and continues with our students till 5th grade, giving a strong foundation in the basic language skills.

It is a research-based English Language Arts program designed to provide solid, clear instruction with realistic pacing tailor-made for our young children.

The curriculum provides all the tools required, be it Big Books/informative cards/student’s books/Levelled Readers etc, to enhance the learning experience for them and transform them into children that can not only recognize letters, but associate each letter with a sound and then confidently use the sounds to build words, form sentences and expand their vocabulary.




We adopted Math in Focus, a Singapore Math-based curriculum, with problem-solving as the center of math learning.

This series also continues with our students through elementary and until 7th grade. It gives the child a strong base in mental math, while encouraging children to investigate, discover, explore and finally apply different math concepts. We use a variety of manipulatives and hands-on activities in small groups that allow children to engage actively with every new math idea.




We teach science through encouraging our young learners to develop their natural curiosity about the world around them. In KG2 we prepare our children for the elementary science which follows the NGSS standards.

They are introduced to the basic physical, earth & life sciences, along with developing critical thinking and questioning skills. We try to have hands-on activities, and introduce the children to simple STEM projects that are age appropriate. Science topics are integrated into English Language Arts.