Admission and Registration Policy

   Admission and Registration Policy:

  We  would  like  to  inform  you  that  Al-Awael  Bilingual  School  strives  to  provide  the  best  educational  services,  starting  at  early

   Kindergarten  till  high  school  levels.

    1.    The  priority  in  admission  is given  to  the  siblings  of  the  registered  students,  when space  is  available.
    2.    Completion  of   application  for  the  new    student   and   attaching  the    official    documents     required.
    3.    Depending  on the  available  space, the  appointment  of  application  testing and   interview  will  be set up. 

  4.    To be  admitted to  Kindergarten, students should  be  able  to  successfully pass the personal interview that                   ..........was  arranged  before.


  5.    To  be  admitted  to  elementary,  middle - school,  or high-school, students  should  be able  to  successfully                         ...pass  the   admission   tests  in  English  and   Arabic  Language   and   Mathematics  in  order  to    identify                        the   students  academic   level   and   her   ability   to   cope   with   the   requirements   of   the   Bilingual

         program; test   appointment  is   set   before.

    6.    Placement test fees are 25 KD and non-refundable. If a student must resit the test, no extra charges are due.

  7.    When  the   student's  admission is  approved,  students  must  pay  the  registration fees (100) KD that will               .......  not  be  give  back  or  transferred  (in  accordance  to  the regulations  of  the private sector in the Ministry                         ... of  Education )  and  will  be  considered  part  of  the  school  fees.


  8.    Receiving a  certification of  admission at  Al-Awael Bilingual School in order to  complete the  procedures of                     .......student's  file  transfer  from  the  previous  school.

    9.    Parents must  submit the student's  file along  with the  health file before the  beginning of the school  year.

 10.   Students  with  special  needs  and  special   learning  needs,  such  as:  ADHD,  mental   distraction,   slow                    ........learning, and  severe  psychological  disorders,  and  etc  are  not   admitted  at  Al-Awael  Bilingual  School.


 11.    The application form should be signed by father as per the Kuwaiti law  (Ministry of  Education).  If parents                        .....   are  separated  or one parent is  deceased,   please  provide  the  school  with the  official  documentations.