High School Curriculum



Arabic language subject includes;

  • Kuwait Ministry of Education curriculum.
  • Digital versions of the textbooks are available on the ministry’s website.  
  • Various activities prepared by the teachers.

Islamic Studies & Holy Quran  

Islamic  Studies  and  Holy  Quran  subjects  include  Kuwait  Ministry  of  Education curriculum  and  interactive  activities prepared  by the teachers. 


Social Studies

This subject given in Arabic and follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait. 



Al Awael  has  adopted  the  Common  Core  Standards  for  English  Language Arts.

From  grades  6 to 12  , ‘ myPerspectives ’,  is  being  used. This  curriculum  takes  into 

account  the  student's  perspective  individually and  collectively . The  curriculum  equips

our  students  with  skills  and  next  generation  experiences; which  enhance  achievement

and develop  competencies needed  for  university. 




Math - Algebra 

Algebra is taught using a paper-based textbook along with a digital version which includes interactive questions and exercises. The curriculum is aligned with the American Common Core Standards and meets every student’s needs using the various resources available.


Science - Biology

Biology at Al Awael is taught using the “Inspire Science High School Series” that provides a project-based learning experience. It also provides a fun educational experience based on the principle of cooperative learning and creating projects that are specifically designed to attract students and develop their intelligence skills that enable them to ask inquisitive questions and show curiosity, thus motivating and driving learning.