Elementary School Digital Platforms

  Our Digital Platforms:      

  At Al Awael we use various digital platforms to enhance  student  learning across  the  curriculum; 



    Think Central 

   The platform through which the student can access math and science digital text-books.



    IXL is a  digital  platform that  offers  personalized  learning, and helps students  master

    essential  skills at  their  own  pace. The school offers this service to elementary

   students to practice math skills.



   Raz-Plus is an online platform  which  includes leveled books and resources to support

   reading development at  school  and at home. Every eBook allows students to listen

   to online texts, read at their own pace, and record themselves reading.


   This  is  an  online  platform   which   includes   levelled   stories   to  support   reading

   development.   It   offers  a  variety of   activities  that  enrich  the  reading experience.