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 E-Learning at Al Awael     

When all schools closed down in late February 2020 due to the pandemic, the school immediately started a training course for all teachers preparing them for the possible shift to online teaching.


Teachers and students were already familiar with a number of digital platforms and tools, this previous experience helped everyone shift easily.


According to the decision taken by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait, E learning continued into the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021.


 Academic year 2020-2021:    

We are using Google Classroom to organize the learning process for grades 1-9 , and Zoom for education to deliver the live lessons across all grade levels including KG.



Although Zoom and Google Classroom are our primary tools, teachers are using a wide variety of EdTech resources for instruction during our virtual classes.  



The following list is not all-inclusive, but here are the most commonly used digital tools:



Interactive & Cooperative :  

To ensure that online lessons are as interactive as possible, and to reinforce the social skills students need, we also utilize Kagan cooperative learning structures in Zoom breakout rooms.

During the live lessons students interact continuously with the teacher and with each other, this is why attending the live lessons is mandatory. However, the sessions are recorded and the links are available for review and in case of absence.


In addition to the hours of live online instruction students receive, they also have access to three digital platforms for individualized learning in English, Math and Arabic.  

Daily communication with parents takes place through our SMS ( School Management System ) Edunation.

Through Edunation the report cards at the end of every quarter are generated.