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Elementary School Curriculum

Elementary School Curriculum




Arabic language subject includes; 

  • Kuwait Ministry of Education curriculum.
  • Digital versions of the textbooks are available on the ministry’s website.
  • Workbooks which are published by the Arabic Department at school.
  • Various activities prepared by the teachers.


Islamic Studies & Holy Quran


Islamic Studies and Holy Quran subjects include Kuwait Ministry of Education curriculum and interactive activities prepared by the teachers.


Social Studies


This subject is for grades 4 & 5, and it’s given in Arabic and follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait. 


English Language Art


Al-Awael has adopted the Common Core Standards to each English Language Arts. We use textbook has special adaptations designed for English Language Learners.  All students have a workbook which includes page related to the skills they will be taught and writing pages. In addition to a practice handbook that was designed to cover all needed skills for each phase.




Al-Awael has adopted the Common Core Standards to teach math through the textbook “Math in Focus”. This is an exceptional series that runs from KG2 to grade 8. It incorporates Singapore math strategies, which are used world-wide and are proven to be highly successful, as it gives students a strong base in mental math skills.




We teach Science according to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

These standards focus not only on the scientific method but also on engineering and technology. The textbook that we use is “Science Fusion”.