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Building & Facilities

Building & Facilities


A virtual tour for some of Al-Awael Bilingual School facilities! 

 Our Facilities 

  In  today’s  rapidly- changing  technological  environment,  we  need  an education  that  enables  students  to  respond to those

  changes  and  meet  the  challenges  of  life  in  the  21st  century,  while  at  the  same  time maintaining  a  strong  connection

  to  and  pride  in  their  identity  and  culture. 

School Uniform Warehouse
All   school   uniform   items  are   available  in  our  School  Uniform  Warehouse.   Opening  Times:  9am – 1pm. 
School Auditorium
Al Awael  School  Theater  caters  for  more  than  four  hundred  guests. Our  theater  is  the hub  for  all  special events  throughout  the  academic  year.
School Gym
Al Awael  School  Gym  caters  for  all  the  grade  levels, for  we  strive  towards our student’s physical well being and  overall  coordination. 
School Clinic
The  Clinic  Team  provides  daily  care  to  Al Awael students at  school,  and  maintains individual health records.  When  students  have  specific  medical  conditions, the  team  coordinates  between  parents and staff in order to ensure  optimal  care.  
Kindergarten Classrooms
Al Awael  kindergarten  classes   are   safe,  bright &  happy classrooms.  Each  classroom  is  provided  with  an interactive   projector  and  enriched   with  books,   letters,  words,  numbers,  and  other  educational materials. 
Kindergarten Centers Hall
Kindergarten  Centers  Hall  includes  varieties  of  educational  and  fun  centers  such  as; reading  center, writing center,  arts & craft,  dramatic  play  and other centers. Our Montessori zone, gives every child a wonderful opportunity to  learn  through  play. 
Kindergarten Theater / Multipurpose Hall
Kindergarten Multipurpose Hall/ Kindergarten Theater ٫is designed for a variety of activities. Activities may include performances,  seminars,  cinema,  community  meetings  and  gatherings, social events and after school activities. 
Kindergarten Play Area
Its  time  to move & shake! Our kindergarten indoor play  area  is a  safe  place  where  children  can play joyfully and  explore  safely. 
Kindergarten Outdoor Play Area
Our kindergarten outdoor playing area is safe, bright and well equipped.   
Elementary Classroom
Elementary classrooms at Al Awael are safe,  bright and well decorated.  All  classrooms are provided with smart boards  and  they  are well equipped to support cooperative learning (Kagan structures).
Elementary Library
Al Awael  Library  for  elementary  students  is spacious, luminous and contains a large variety of books and stories in English and Arabic that every student will enjoy. 
Elementary Science Lab
Elementary science lab at Al Awael promotes collaboration and enquiry based learning which allows students to apply STEM challenges ( science, technology, engineering and math).
Computer Lab
Our Computer Labs are the perfect place to learn all the digital skills our students need, which includes coding and robotics.
Elementary Values Room
A unique classroom that caters to value education where students learn how to live “values” through different activities and games. 
Elementary Multi- Intelligences Room
A learning center where elementary students are exposed to various ( multiple intelligences ) activities.
School Prayer Room
Our prayer room is a dedicated place ”neat and clean“ to perform prayers and to recite Holy Quran. 
Elementary Rawd Al Quran Room  
A dedicated classroom for our elementary students to recite and learn Quran.
Kitchen / Home Economics 
Our students enjoy this very special, safe and perfectly equipped kitchen as they gain home economics skills and learn about nutrition.
Art Room 
A place to be creative; Our art room is colorful, shiny  and well equipped with art materials so our students can perform their art works. 
Professional Development Hall
A dedicated Hall for teachers professional development and weekly meetings .
Middle School  Classroom / 6th grade classroom
Middle school classrooms at Al Awael are safe, bright and well deco-rated. All classrooms are provided with smart boards and they are well equipped to support cooperative learning (Kagan structures).
Middle School Science Lab
A safe well equipped lab, where scientists and researchers of the future work in the fields of biology , physics and chemistry.
Middle School  Cafeteria
An elegant cafeteria which provides healthy choices and joyful gatherings.
Life Skills Room
Life Skills Room for middle school young girls to acquire life skills and home economics. 
Middle School Gathering Hall 
A special space for middle and high school gatherings, student council meetings, events and activities.