Building & Facilities

The building & Facilities:

The building stands on a land of 5250 square meters in the Hawally Governorate, specifically in Sabah Al Salem area.  

The school’s building is made up of five floors, each floor consists of classrooms constructed to fit the demands of the grade level appointed ( Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle school and High school).The school’s administration has ensured that the building provides and conveys to all the students’ needs.

The building has classrooms (with smart boards), computer labs, science labs, a special library for every level. It has especially equipped classrooms for life skills, and a classroom that caters to value education where students learn how to live “values” through different activities and games.

The school has safe halls for the students to play, plus the main playground on the ground floor, and a second play ground on the roof for the higher levels.

Furthermore, the school building is equipped with a theater that caters for more than four hundred guests. The theater will be the hub for all the special events taking place throughout the academic year.

 Our school gym also caters for all the grade levels, for we strive towards our student’s physical well being and overall coordination.